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Tysso Data Collection Terminals เครื่องอ่าน บาร์โค้ด และ เก็บข้อมูล

POS System Manufacturer To improve business efficiency, POS (Point-of Sale) systems have been widely adopted in the retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and they are considered the best business assistant for operators. All of our POS terminals are FCC and CE approved.If you are searching for POS Systems, POS Touch Screen, Touch Monitor, Zenis POS, Zenis POS Matte, and Zenis POS SAW, please feel free to contact us.

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Tysso Data Collection Terminals เครื่องอ่าน บาร์โค้ด และ เก็บข้อมูล

Portable Data Terminal BCP-8000 Portable Data Terminal With Cradle Look-up function added, comes with cradle that offers communication and recharge .Ergonomic design ideal for long-time operation .High quality laser engine to ensure accurate barcode reading .Ideal for Inventory, Stocktaking .Vivid LCD Display with clear blue backlight .Integrated Recharge/Communication Cradle (USB or RS-232 available) .Convenient Job Generator Utility for Task and Data Management .Long-time Battery Capacity (1700 mAh) .Look-up function provides on-site stock checking, updating and editing .Data Loss Prevention through Auxiliary battery for SRAM

Portable Data Terminal BCP-7000 Portable Data Collector Portable data collector that comes with application generator software The Fametech BCP-7000 is a powerful data collector that allows its operator to collect data without distance limitation. It is the ideal device for inventory and stocktaking. BCP-7000 is equipped with the powerful application generator software, built-in laser scanner and large internal memory.

Portable Barcode Scanner BCP-5500 Portable Barcode Scanner Stylish, Ergonomic Barcode Scanner .Stylish & compact design. .Two Pre-defined data formats. .Vivid and Clear Display. .Long Time Operatinon (over 30 hr or approx. 45,000 records). .Easy operation by navigation keys. .Interface: USB or RS-232 selectable . .1100 mA/3.7V Rechargeable battery .Scans with timestamp .Easy configuration utility