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POS System Manufacturer To improve business efficiency, POS (Point-of Sale) systems have been widely adopted in the retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and they are considered the best business assistant for operators. All of our POS terminals are FCC and CE approved.If you are searching for POS Systems, POS Touch Screen, Touch Monitor, Zenis POS, Zenis POS Matte, and Zenis POS SAW, please feel free to contact us.

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Tysso Barcode Scanners

เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด Liniear Image Barcode Scanner CS-700 32-bit, Ergonomic 1D Portable Linear Imaging Scanner .32-bit decoding technology .2500 Pixels CCD sensor .Scan Speed: 250scan/sec .Wave length: 590nm .Scan Range : 200mm (20mil/0.5mm, PCS90%) .Reading PCS: 0.45 .Interfaces support (Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB)

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner CS-1600 New Close Range Liniear Image Scanner Reliable And Stylish Contact Linear Image Barcode Scanner - High-speed 2500 Pixels Linear Image sensor - Full featured and full functions - Scan speed: 100 scan/sec - Reading PCS: 0.45 - Various Interfaces support (Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB) - Light Srouce: 690nm RED LED array - Scan Rate: 100 scans / sec. - Depth Of Field: 0-12 cm - Width Of Field: 10 cm - Readable : Code 39/32, Full ASCII Code 39, Code 128,Code 11 Interleaved 2/5, Industrial 2/5/IATA,Matrix 2/5,China Postage Code93,MSI/PLESSEY,Codabar/NW7,Code 4 EAN-8/JAN 13,UPC-A,EAN-13/JAN-13,ISBN/ISSN RSS-14

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner CS-650 Long Range Barcode Scanner Ergonomic 1D Portable Barcode Scanner The CS-650 CCD scanner employs the mega-pixel high-speed CCD sensor and capable of long-range scan tasks, even the barcodes are in less printed quality. The outstanding scanning speed and decoding performance, CS-650 is ideal solutions of retail, automation, industrial or customer-service applications. And, the stylish and ergonomic design makes the scanning process easier and more comfortable. With the advantages in speed, reliability and ease to use, CS-650 is the ideal choice for your daily data accessing applications. - High-speed 2500 Pixels CCD sensor - Full featured and full functions - Wave length: 590nm - Scan Range : up to 21 cm - Scan speed: 100 scan/sec - Reading PCS: 0.45 - Various Interfaces support (Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB)

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner CCD-800 Cost-Effective CCD Scanner Rugged, Solid and Cost-Effective Fametech's CCD-800 is a cost-effective yet reliable barcode scanner. It is universal designed and is compatible with most of computers and terminals. Remarkable performance with simple scanning procedure, it can handle all rough conditions and environment at a low maintenance level. - Extremely low cost - Width Of Field 8.2cm - Depth of field from 0 to 2.5cm - Reads from 4 mil (0.1mm) bar code

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner CS-1500 Reliable & Durable Linear Image Scanner Close Range Contact Linear Image Scanner CS-1500 is a close range barcode scanner that comes with Hand-Free Scanning or "Auto Scan" function that allows operators to scan barcodes without touching the trigger. -Scanner width 8.2cm -Depth of field from 0 to 2.5cm -Reads from 4 mil (0.1mm) barcode -Scan Rate: 100 scans/sec. -Width Of Field: 6.8 cm

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner TS-5208 Gun Type Long Range Linear Image Scanner Elegant, 5~39cm Long Range Scanner The Fametech's TS-5208 is the latest developped long range Linear Image barcode scanner. Its stunning scanning performance is unmatched even by some laser scanners. - 660 nm visible red LED - Scan Rate : 100 scans / sec. - Depth Of Field : 5-39 cm - Width Of Field: 12 cm

Liniear Image Barcode Scanner TS-4500 TS Series Long Range Linear Image Scanner - High quality and high performance - Full featured and full functions - Wave length: 660 nm - Scan Speed: 100 scans/sec - Reading depth: 2 to over 32 cm (depends on different resolutions of choice) - Reading width: Up to 20 cm - Reading PCS: 0.45 or larger reflection factor of space and margin - Various Interfaces support (Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB) - Barcodes auto-discrimination

Laser Barcode Scanner KS-380 Industrial-Grade Hand-held Barcode Scanner Fast-responding High-Speed Barcode Scanner .Fast-responding Laser scan engine .Outstanding performance and mobility .Auto-Scan Function (KS-380AR) .Scan Range:3~56 cm or 5~40 cm(KS-380NR) .Wave length: 650mm .Scan Speed: up to 100 scans/sec .Resolution: 0.1mm (4 mil) .Various Interfaces Support: Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB .Auto-Discrimination of barcodes

Laser Barcode Scanner LAG-960 Gun Type Laser Scanner Quality Laser Scanner LAG-960 is one of our longest selling barcode scanners, a gun-type laser scanner that offers speed, reliability and long scan range at the same time. - Depth of Field : 100cm max. - Nominal Scan Rate : 100 scans/sec. - Wavelength : 670~680 nm - Interface : RS-232, keyboard wedge, usb - Symbologies : Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, UPC/EAN/JAN, CODABAR, Code 4 Interleaved 2/5, Code 128, Code 11, Code 93, MSI/PLESSEY, ...etc.

Omni Directional Scanner Omni-700 Omni-Directional, High-Speed Stationary Barcode Scanner Omni-directional, High-Speed Stationary Barcode Scanner .2000 scan lines/sec .650 nm visible laser diode .Depth of Field: 300 mm (max.) .Scan Pattern: 6 directional/ 24 lines .Programmable tone & volume for beeper .Interface: Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB .Durability: withstand 1M drops

Omni Directional Scanner Omni-352 Omni Series Omni-Directional Scanner Powerful Omni Directional Scanner - Solid Structure - Sensitive automatic sensor - Outstanding performance - 650nm visible laser diode - Depth of field : 25~280mm - Scan rate : 1650 lines/sec. - Interface : RS-232, PS2, USB

Omni Directional Scanner Omni-652 Omni Series Omni-Directional Scanner Compact & Cost Effective Omni Scanner - Compact Size - User-friendly, plug and play - Cost effective - 650nm visible laser diode - Depth of field : 0~219mm - Scan rate: 1200 lines/sec. - Interface : RS-232, PS2, USB

2D Data Matrix Scanner TD-5208 Handheld 2D Imager 2D Data Matrix Scanner The TD-5208 is a high performing 2D handheld data matrix scanner. Ideal for applications such as retail, healthcare, inventory, logistics, etc.. Designed with the CMOS technology, this scanner offers high-speed scanning and long scan range, and is capable of reading barcodes, images, and capture signatures in an instance under most ambient light conditions. It allows users to read wrinkled, damaged, or poorly printed barcodes and OCR fonts.

BT Scanner BT-650 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Easy-operating Bluetooth Barcode Scanner By adapting exceptional power saving design, the BT-650 wireless barcode scanner can operate much longer than ordinary scanners and ensure the high grade reliability. Furthermore, the user-friendly operation and large memory capacity characteristics enable BT-650 be a cost-effective yet reliable data-scan solution.

BT Scanner BT 3800/4500 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Wireless Barcode Data Scanner The BT series handheld barcode laser scanners are designate for long-range data scan applications. Incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology, BT Series scanners offer the users up to 50 meters of transmission range from the receiver. Even the radio link breaks, the Bluetooth radio link can still attempt to connect with the receiver.

PC-1000/PC-1100 Fixed Mount LCD/VFD Price Checker The PC-1000/PC-1100 Price Checkers incorporate state of the art technology. Customers can get current in-house prices and information on promotions immediately from them, which reduce operation costs and simplify working procedures. - VFD 20 x 2 or LCD graphic 15 x 4 display - TCP/IP communication - Omni-Directional Laser Scan Engine or Liner CCD Scanner available - SDK communication kit and demonstration application available - Auxiliary RS-232 ports x 2 (Reserved) - PLU (Price Look Up) support - ESC/POS command compatible - Multiple languages supported - Optional Accessories available: Wall-Mount Bracket Kit, Programming Keyboard, MSR...etc.