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DIGITAL-ID Card ID Card Printers

Digital Identification Solutions Group of Companies is a worldwide provider of identity solutions. The company has sales, marketing and support centers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Through our worldwide network of Certified Partners, Digital Identification can deliver state-of-the-art identity solutions to customers virtually anywhere in the world.

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DIGITAL-ID Card ID Card Printers

EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer THE FLEXIBLE WAY FOR SMART CARD PERSONALIZATION The modular single- or double-sided EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, as it is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and encoding modules. Based on the longtime approved and extreme solid XID Retransfer technology, the printer is ready for plug and play inline encoding as well as lamination. The printer delivers the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable and secure cards due to its compact size. It almost achieves offset printing quality, even on uneven surface of smart cards. The printer is ready to meet your individual requirements and can be equipped to the customer needs.

EDIsecure® XID 9300 Retransfer Printer Highest performance for the personalization of smart cards and secure ID cards For maximum flexibility in a professional environment, our innovative, double-side EDIsecure® XID 9300 Retransfer Printer comes prepared for various encoding and lamination options. It offers high quality and highly durable print results. With near offset print quality even on the challenging uneven surfaces of smart cards, this printer is perfect for use in highly secure and high volume operations such as government agencies, R&D departments, and laboratories, as well as multinational corporations.

EDIsecure® XID 9330 Retransfer Printer The industrial card printer for high-volume card personalization The double-sided EDIsecure® XID 9330 Retransfer Printer is the most powerful and versatile printer in its class. The printer combines maximum hourly output of printed cards with a wide range of encoding and highly secure lamination options. The printer provides utmost security due to security locks and security password. Therefore it is the ideal and flexible printer for secure and reliable mass production in multinational corporations, card service centers, and government agencies.