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Our brand statement, “A better solution for your business” is derived from our key concept of our brand, “Devotion.” This statement approaches our customers as the Business Printing Solution Expert, while maintaining the friendliness and welcoming brand image. The brand statement logo reflects the same principle by adopting a simple and minimalist font to express clear contrast and the strong borders on the frame to visualize firm, honest, and True Expert image. BIXOLON’s brand statement logo acts as an important medium to convey our corporate image, thus the logo must maintain its form and color in all cases.

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Top BIXOLON Customer Displays products

7,000.00 บาท

BIXOLON Customer Displays

7,000.00 บาท
BCD-1000 BIXOLON's BCD-1000 is a slim customer display that BCD-1100/1000 Highlights • Compact size and True USB interface connection (BCD-1100) • Clear, easy-to-read 20 Characters _ 2 Lines Dot Matrix, Comma, Decimal Point, Annunciator • Bright blue and green vacuum fluorescent display. • Vacuum fluorescent display offers wide range of viewing angles • Customization pole length • Easy connectivity to a wide range of BIXOLON receipt printers • Automatic message scrolling • Easily programmable for customer messages • Available in BIXOLON Ivory and BIXOLON Dark Gray