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Youjie Barcode Scanners

As a second brand of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, Youjie targets the rapid growth of mid- to low- markets in Asia’s autmatic data collection industry, providing a better alternative to users who look for easy data collection solutions. Designed with cost effectiveness in mind, Youjie products features better performance and reliability compared to other low-cost vendors. Youjie products can be widely uesd in a wide range of applications, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, government and office automation.

Youjie Barcode Scanners

1,5000.00 บาท
สแกนเนอร์ บาร์โค้ด ZL2200 Single-line Laser Scanner Youjie ZL2200 is a cost-effective single-line laser scanner with optimized performance. As an entry level bar code scanner targeting the low to middle

1,900.00 บาท
สแกนเนอร์ บาร์โค้ด YJ3300 hand-held laser scanner YJ3300 is an affordable hand-held laser barcode scanner that offers an alternative to CCD scanners. Its functional ergonomic design enables itself to

6,500.00 บาท
สแกนเนอร์ บาร์โค้ด YJ4600 2D Barcode Scanner YJ4600 is a general purpose area imaging scanner targeting low to middle segments of the 2D market. With competitive pricing, outstanding performance

7,000.00 บาท
สแกนเนอร์ บาร์โค้ด HF600 Presentation Area-imaging Scanner With 2D barcode getting increasingly popular in various applications, customers are looking for affordable high-performance 2D barcode scanners. Desig

6,000.00 บาท
สแกนเนอร์ บาร์โค้ด YJ5900 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner YJ5900, omnidirectional hands-free compact laser scanner with increased scanning performance is perfect for various convenience stores and specialty s...