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IDTECHT Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard

ID TECH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the following: smart card reader, credit card reader, swipe reader, insert reader, encrypted reader, contactless reader, PIN pad, barcode reader, and smart card products that are made to use in a wide range of applications requiring data collection and access control. Credit card reader (aka: magstripe/swipe readers) are essential for accepting credit or debit cards at the point of sale (POS). Credit card readers can be attached via keyboard wedge, serial port (RS-232) or USB, and are most often configured to read tracks one through three. Though often referred to as credit card readers, magstripe readers can read almost any card with magnetic stripes, including some driver's licenses and ID cards. You can insert or swipe your magstripe credit cards with the assurance that the data is safe and secure.

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IDTECHT Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard

9,000.00 บาท
Versakey™ Compact POS Keyboard w/ MagStripe Reader (IDKA-33XXXX series) VersaKey Compact keyboard features 103/104 keys and an integrated magnetic stripe card reader for maximum user productivity.

VersaKey™ POS Keyboard w/MagStripe Reader (IDKA-23XXXX Series) The VersaKey features a Full size POS keyboard with built-in MagStripe Reader designed for Retail and Hospitality applications.

7,000.00 บาท
VersaKey™ Programmable POS Programmable Keyboard w/MagStripe or Smart Card Reader (IDKA-23XXXX Series) The VersaKey Programmable features a 124/135 key layout in a compact 14" form factor that includes integrated card readers, a touchpad, and up to 60 programmable keys.

SecureKey™ M100 & M130, Encrypted Keypad w/ MagStripe Reader (IDKE-5X48XX Series) *The SecureKey M100 is an encrypted keypad that offers payment security for manually keyed-in card data. The SecureKey M130 has an additional encrypted magstripe reader that offers retailers a complete and reliable security solution.